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Denise Prince Photography

Denise Prince has had critical success and both the commercial and academic art worlds. Anne Wilkes Tucker, Curator at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston of Prince's photography (in their collection,)  "No one is making work like this." Ardent support also comes from master photographer Joel-Peter Witkin. Tractatus 7 is an extension, a public and cultural version of a clinical and private study, by Prince and Charles Merward of the logic of fantasy. Merward, a philosopher and practicing psychoanalyst, attributes that “Being able to make explicit the concepts and commitments implicit in the fantasy of our everyday reality is a continuation of the Enlightenment.”

Across the disciplines of film, photography, painting and object making, Prince’s work employs the commercial language of advertising to make explicit what is real or deftly, its counterpoint, fantasy. The lush styling and singular locations in Prince’s constructed portraits are augmented by wit and make clear the pleasure with which she constructs narratives and then carefully disrupts them. The concept is essential to the nature of photography. "Caught in a state of permanent suspense vis a vis events that have just happened or are about to take place, photographs contain essential seeds of narratives that can never come to fruition except in the imagination." Lucy Soutter


Prince’s feature, the Deep End, produced by independent film producer Cary Woods (Scream, Kids, Swingers, Gummo) was released at the Anthology Film Archive in New York City in 1998.





2017 Apama Mackey Gallery, Solo exhibition, Houston, Texas


2017 Women and Their Work, Exhibition, Austin, Texas


2016 L'enfant Terrible, Justine's Secret House, Austin, Texas


2016 Presentation to Art of Narrative Portraiture class, The Contemporary Austin


2015 CentralTrak, photographs from Tractatus 7 for It Came From CalArts, Dallas, Texas


2015 KLRU interview for Arts in Context episode, A Light in the Dark; on Tractatus 7  (click on episode title to view)


2015 Saatchi Art, Western Reflections at Wally Workman Gallery, Austin, Texas


2014 International Zizek Studies Conference, Captivating Not Captive video screening for Parallax Future(s) in Art, Design Ideology, and Philosophy, Cincinnati, Ohio


2014 PBS Television, Work from Tractatus 7 featured in documentary Coming Back


2014 Presentation to University Fashion Group | Textile and Apparel Design, The University of Texas at Austin on Tractatus 7


2014 Raegan Advertising, Photograph from Things I Never Told You, Austin, Texas

2013 Museum of Fine Art Houston, Photograph from Tractatus 7 in the permanent collection, Houston, Texas 

2013 Barbarian Art Gallery, Photographs from Things I Never Told You for BAZAR, Zurich, Switzerland


2013 SRT, A Talking Cure for the Delusion of Meaning, performance and solo exhibition of video, Austin, Texas


2013 CentralTrak, Photographs from Tractatus 7 and Trauma and Beauty performance in conjunction with That Moral Coil; Rebuking the Ideal in Contemporary Figurative Art, Dallas, Texas  


2013 the Vault at Spaces, Low Lives, Cleveland, Ohio


2011 Provocation, New York Photo Festival, photographs from Tractatus 7, New York, New York


2010 Photographs from Things I Never Told You for E8 Colectiva, E8 Galeria, Madrid, Spain


2010 Women's Work, Kopeikin Gallery, photographs from Tractatus 7, Los Angeles, California


2010 Photographs from Things I Never Told You for ART MOSCOW with Barbarian Gallery, Russia


2009 Photography, Video and Performance for solo exhibition Beyond This Thing Between Us, Effearte Gallery, Milan, Italy


2009 Festival de Cine Internacional de Barcelona, Beck Video and Soldier, Barcelona, Spain


2009 Rooftop Films Home Movies/ Short Films program, Beck Video screening, Brooklyn, New York


2009 FIVEMYLES, Brooklyn, New York; Diaspora Vibe Gallery, Miami, Florida; Labotanica, Houston, Texas; Performance projected in real time for Low Lives


2009 San Francisco Short Film Festival, Soldier video screening, San Francisco, California


2009 International ARTEXPO - Essence / Borders, Soldier and Beck Video Screening, Istanbul, Turkey


2009 Municipal Shadow solo performance, Marfa, Texas


2008 Public art installation Celebrity Topiary commissioned by the Art Alliance Austin, jurors: Laurence Miller Fluent Collaborative, Eva Buttacavoli Austin Museum of Art, Annette Carlozzi Blanton Museum of Art , Ursula Davila Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, Texas


2008 Treat, Apama Mackey Gallery, Houston, Texas


2008 Intimate Distance - Soldier/Adulterer performance, Bridge Art Fair, Miami, Florida


2008 Photographs for You Are Here, Color of Energy Gallery, Dayton, Ohio; curated by Eva Buttacavoli, Austin Museum of Art, Austin, Texas

2008 Intimate Distance - Adulterer, solo performance, Marfa, Texas

2008 Performance for Interact Out, Women and Their Work thirtieth anniversary gala, Austin, Texas


2007 Photographs from Things I Never Told You and performance, Women and Their Work, Austin, Texas


2006 Photograph in Biennial Southwest, Albuquerque Museum of Art & History, Albuquerque, New Mexico; juror Neal Benezra, Director, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, California

2006 Photography Now: One Hundred Portfolios, Photographs from Things I Never Told You on DVD-ROM organized by Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio


2006 New American Talent: The Twentieth Exhibition, Wichita Falls Museum of Art, Wichita Falls, Texas

2006 Photographs for Me, Myself and Everybody Else, Galleri Urbane, Marfa, Texas


2005 New American Talent: The Twentieth Exhibition, Arthouse at the Jones Center; traveling exhibition originating in Austin, Texas; juror Dan Cameron, senior curator at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York


2005 Photograph for Endless Summer, 2040 Gallery, Austin, Texas


2004 Photographs from Women, Plan B solo exhibition, Austin, Texas


2004 Photographs for Los Americanos, Arcaute Arte Contemporaneo, Monterrey, Mexico

2004 New American Talent: The Nineteenth Exhibition, Arthouse at the Jones Center, Austin, Texas; juror Jerry Saltz, Senior Art Critic, The Village Voice, New York


1998 The Deep End, Feature Film, Anthology Film Archive; Co-wrote, co-produced and performed, produced by Cary Woods, New York, New York


1998 The Deep End, Feature Film, Raleigh Studios, Los Angeles, California


1991 Good for Amusement Only, Public art installation, Los Angeles, California


1991 Speaker Death, Performance, Parker Zanic Gallery, Los Angeles, California


1991 The Significance of Bricolage, Installation at Bliss Gallery, Pasadena, California 


1991 Gold in Unison, Performance, the Other 45 Minutes, Los Angeles, California


1990 Free Beer, Female Beet Wrestling, Performance, Main Gallery, CalArts, Valencia, California


1990 The Running (of the Sheep), Performance, Main Gallery, CalArts, Valencia, California


1986 Mud Wrestling, Performance, Theater Gallery, Dallas, Texas





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2015 Interview on photography in Boulevard Quarterly  


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A Shrink Psychoanalyzed Artist Denise Prince and Her Work Live at CentralTrak Last Night, Dallas Observer, May 2013, Dallas, Texas


This Week's Visual Art, May 9-12: Bodies, Models, Sex and Death: That Mortal Coil at CentralTrak, D Magazine, May 2013, Dallas, Texas


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