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Toby Shoe



Denise Prince Photography


The Lollipop Girls Struggle on the Hard Earth
trailer for the film here


A young woman finds herself in a sumptuous world reminiscent of the classic Madeline storybook. She had longed to be immersed in the lush innocence of childhood and this is as chic as a fashion advertisement. But a little girl’s pretends feel perfectly real, so our Madeline gets lost in the surreal province of make believe.


A series of misadventures ensue. Life is lush and picturesque but more like Alice in Wonderland than she bargained for. Madeline’s best party dress is roughly torn off, she meets some “Chelsea Girls” and a handsome prince, and plays badminton in a formal living room. Once she comes to her senses, Madeline runs home; only to find real life might be even more daunting.





The Lollipop Girls Struggle on the Hard Earth
16mm film for Object Lessons



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