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Denise Prince Photography


“I think it’s beautiful. It’s such an intuitive, lovely thing and I love your voice as a writer. I just really want to see it.”   Matt Zoller Seitz    Editor-in-Chief, RogerEbert.com


Growing up is something we must all do, as much as we may try to avoid it. Eventually we begin to see life, and the people we love, more as they actually are. In FOR ESME, WITH APOLOGIES FOR WHAT LIES AHEAD, Denise Prince presents a physical comedy about growing up, losing innocence, and facing reality without losing hold of the splendor of life. With playful and sophisticated visual styling, FOR ESME is the story of 12-year-old Esme, her hapless parents, and her Granny Go-Go, Elsa, whose grasp on the world is slipping.


The film is layered with elements from Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, and other classic children’s literature. Prince's reminder is that not one of us is cut out for the adult world — that it takes great courage, and an appreciation for the absurd, to allow the fantasies of childhood to get left behind.


“Denise, I have to tell you that my little family knows my part by heart and it makes them laugh – they love it! They can’t wait to see the whole movie. Nico can really do my accent. I love you dearly.” Elsa Ross

Pippa writes the film

After an invigorating morning making pom poms followed by luncheon, Pippa considers whether the forces of antagonism in act two are well developed.


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At left, work in progress, feature film For Esme, With Apologies for What Lies Ahead


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