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Denise Prince Photography

Instagram: denise.prince.x

Trailer for The Lollipop Girls Struggle on the Hard Earth

The Lollipop Girls Struggle on the Hard Earth is about the rupture that begins when one leaves the state of childhood and becomes a subject in the symbolic order (an adult). Itís about trying to get something back that we never had. As adults, we regularly face an awareness that what we hoped for isnít there. Madeline does go back to the lush innocence of childhood but finds herself in a spectacle, a sumptuous world that resembles her youthful conception of what being an adult would be like. And since a little girlís pretends feel perfectly real, Madeline gets lost in the surreal province of make believe. Making sense of what is real and what isnít brings her face to face with the sum of her life and what she cannot escape.

Love, Especially First

My first love felt like going home. The innocence, ease and sense of completeness made it take years to get over even though the relationship was brief. I just couldnít accept that he could love me and then suddenly, not. My faltering sprung in part from having idolized an uncle who then died at eighteen years old. Iíd been too young to understand death.



Advertisement for Chanel, Inspired by Adolph de Meyerís 1930ís photographic ads for Elizabeth Arden. The score is by Vangelis from a well-known Chanel No5 commercial from the 80ís, Share the Fantasy, directed by Ridley Scott. Additional work from this series in portfolio three. An artistís statement video is also directly below.



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